Thinking of adding more space to your home? Additions are one of our specialties.

Raising the roof

We have the experience to do this construction project and give you quite nearly a new house with a lot more living space.


This is where our design ideas really shine. We will work with you in designing the kitchen you have been dreaming of.

Siding, Windows, Doors

Looking to update the appearance of your home? Adding a new door can make a huge difference. Are your windows past their prime? Time for new siding? We can handle all of these upgrades and help you in the selection process as well.

Whole house renovations

Would you like to make some big changes in your existing home? Have you found a house that you absolutely love, but it needs a total renovation? The potential is there, but it needs a contractor that can handle the multitude of various trades involved. These projects are some of our favorites. We work with AnnieMac Home Mortgages too.

Basement waterproofing

A house needs a good foundation – everyone knows that, but what if you’re having problems with water leaking in to your basement? This is an issue that should be addressed right away. The first step is an assessment in regards to what is the cause. Sometimes, a leak is caused by something minor and easy to fix. Other times, it gets more involved. We have the knowledge and skill to help. Yes, we do French drains, sump pumps, all things basement related – even remodel them.


An inevitability of home ownership are repairs – something leaks, something breaks, something needs replacing. We can handle even the most involved home repairs – even the unseen surprises.